CANDOR Develops & Implements a Consistent & Successful Global Selling Approach that Measurably Increased Rep Performance & Company Revenue for Questex

“CANDOR was instrumental in reviving and drastically improving our sales process, skill level and effectiveness.”

Terry Gumas
CEO, Questex


Questex is a leading global business information company focused on demand creation in several markets including:

  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Information & Communications
  • Nightclub & Bar

Questex brings investors, buyers, sellers and professionals together through a wide range of events, keeps them informed via business information and intelligence products, and support their marketers with a comprehensive platform of demand generation, lead-gen, branding, digital media, events and marketing products.


Questex had a diverse sales team and client portfolio, spanning several industries and countries. This created inconsistency and a non-uniform selling approach. Without a measurable and actionable sales strategy Questex was losing important opportunities or spending too much time on deals that were not valuable or not going to close.


Worked with 5 different sales verticals, streamlining their focus and skills — no matter if it was inside sales, direct relationship selling, or event selling.

Each sales rep went through a profiling exercise and working sessions that provided tips, techniques and selling skills to work with typical buying styles and how to match their style to their buyer.

CANDOR focused on these key areas to create the “Selling with Style” approach.

  1. Individual rep learning evaluation and profile that allowed each sales rep to gain more awareness of their selling styles and the different aspects of their buyer’s buying styles.
  2. Provide consistency of learning across the global sales organization that included extensive “Know Your Buyer” skills training
    • The “Know Your Buyer” training including understanding behaviors, actions, needs and associated sales solutions for various customer profiles
  3. Change selling behavior to increase higher value sales calls and get more of them
  4. Refresh sales pipelines for a ‘clean’ approach and to ensure only quality opportunities were being pursued



The CANDOR ‘Selling with Style’ approach worked at any level, and with any product or service offering.

  • Within 3 months, Questex sales reps were consistently predicting how to pitch the sale, which sales were going to require what type of information to close the deal, and which sales were never going to close.
  • Sales cycles condensed as reps improved moving disinterested targets to actual customers, increasing the volume of sales calls, improving pipeline accuracy.
  • New processes implemented have kept sales pipelines ‘clean’ and actionable
  • Individual sales rep activity increased two-fold resulting in measurable and meaningful revenue growth

Download the CANDOR Questex Case Study 2017.