CASE STUDY: Clemens Food Group

CASE STUDY: Designed an Internal Sales Infrastructure to Maintain Brand and Customer Relationships for Clemens Food Group

“CANDOR was instrumental in helping us regain our brand by building an internal sales organization to enhance our business model and company effectiveness.”

Doug Clemens
CEO, Clemens



Clemens Food Group is diversified to include hog farming, food production, logistical services, and transportation for the food industry. Clemen’s created a unique responsive pork production system that is able to focus on supplying the highest quality products via a sustainable system while providing advanced solutions that simplify their partners’ operations.

Clemens Food Group is the industry leader in customer solutions and provides service and brand solutions that help their customers profitably manage and grow their business. One recognizable Clemen’s brand is Hatfield Quality Meats, which are quality pork products available in grocery stores and delis from Maine to Miami.


Clemens Food Group was growing rapidly and needed to maintain market share so they were utilizing an outsourced sales channel to manage their sales growth and enhance their brand. Given the great pride in their process and high expectations for the relationships they built with each of their customers, Clemens had difficulty building a training program for the outsourced sales solution that met their expectations.


Working with the Executive Team and sales leadership, CANDOR designed a training program for the third party sales channel business by first uncovering the core problem: the channel partnership arrangement itself. Through discovery it became clear that Clemens needed to build their own internal sales organization to instill their goals and objectives and have more control over their relationship building with customers.

Recognizing this as a huge undertaking, including building out a sales organization while at the same time maintaining current sales and pipeline activity, CANDOR started by facilitating several strategy sessions to create a comprehensive internal sales organization strategy and plan.

Initial priorities of the strategy included:

  1. Defined Roles & Responsibilities – organization design and career paths
  2. Territory Management – outlined the target markets and territory alignment
  3. Onboarding and Continuous Sales Training Programs – to develop sales skills
  4. New Product Launch Training – ensure expertise on all products
  5. Sales Compensation Plan – designed across the sales organization with grade levels



With CANDOR’s guidance, Clemens Food Group established a producing sales team within three months, and created an entire process to ensure growth and ongoing development of the team.

By building out their own sales team, Clemens was able to own the messaging, become more involved with their training and development, and motivate sales. This immediately solved the outsource sales solution challenge’s lack of true connection to the Clemens brand and their unique relationship building techniques.

  • Within 3 months, Clemens Food Group had built an internal sales team complete with compensation plans and territory management.
  • Sales cycles condensed as internal sales reps improved customer relationships to enhance the brand and increase the volume of sales products a customer would buy.
  • New sales processes implemented stronger sales pipelines.
  • Individual sales rep activity increased two-fold resulting in measurable and meaningful revenue growth plus sustained the high quality brand that Clemens Food Group was known for.

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