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Actionable Outcomes are the Result

CANDOR’s 20+ years of experience across small start-ups and large global businesses enable us to:

  1. Understand the nuances of each challenge,
  2. Quickly assess opportunities and areas of concern, and
  3. Deliver the right strategies for performance and growth, empowering management to enact them.

Individual Assessment

Do you measure your leadership, managers or employees on these areas before making hiring or promotion decisions? Understanding individual behaviors, communication styles, decision making and adaptability enable companies to better position their people and organization for success.
Behavioral Alignment
Decision Making
Cultural Fit
Skills / Talent
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Leading Companies Leverage CANDOR

No matter the industry — tech, retail, healthcare, finance, or manufacturing — companies choose CANDOR for leadership coaching, development, & strategic growth through talent management.

Resource Papers

For additional insight in CANDOR expertise, review key resource and whitepapers below.

CANDOR Consulting

If you want candid and objective strategies for growth, development, and change call or email me today at 610-613-4864 or Tish@Candor-Consulting.com. Smoke signals, carrier pigeons or tweeting @CandorCan work too.