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Decisions Based on DataBehavior Is.

  • Do I have the right leadership or team?
  • Am I managing personalities and behaviors effectively or just hoping they will somehow work themselves out?
  • Do I need to make a few or many changes to my organization to scale?
  • What’s holding us back?

Through self awareness, and the insight that comes with understanding your people and their motivations, making the right decision can be simplified.

At CANDOR, we get to the heart of challenges and opportunities, establishing an action-based practice that enables you, and your employees, to thrive and drive the business forward.

“My job is to tell you what your business needs, even if it’s not what you want to hear.”
Tish Squillaro, Founder & CEO
“Before CANDOR, managing a large operations team through growth was challenging. Tish gave me the tools and assessment data to affect change quickly.”
Sandy Dondici
Head of Ad Ops, Facebook
“I worked with Tish to develop my employees and build stronger relationships and understanding between teams, and myself. To continue the momentum, we utilized the Roadmap technology to improve product education and consistency of learning as we continued to grow.”
Gunter Pfau
CEO & Founder, Stuzo
“Start ups in hyper-growth either implode or take over the world. Following Tish’s strategies helped our company do the latter.”
Michael Rubenstein
President, AppNexus
“The knowledge found in the HeadTrash book created a great framework for me to lead and overcome self-defeating behaviors. With HeadTrash 2, I am more able to build stronger and healthier relationships — and make my organization more effective — by managing other’s HeadTrash.”
Dea Lawrence
CMO, Variety
Tish’s relationship with Innovid began six years ago when we were a small start-up. As the company scaled to its current size, she continues to help us build our employee infrastructure by evaluating the right people and putting them in the best roles for both personal and organizational success. Her on-site presence continues to play an important role in our employee development.”
Zvika Netter
CEO and Founder, Innovid
“I have been working with Tish over the course of my career.   When I started with my latest employer, Tish was the first person I called when I wanted a thought partner to work with.   She has helped us better understand our behavioral styles and her advice on changing an approach to bridge communication gaps and style differences has enhanced my ability to foster productive long-term relationships.”
Raj Mohan
Vice President, Merchandising and Booking, Marriott International
Datorama is in their second year of working with Tish and CANDOR Consulting. Tish’s strategy, development, and behavior analysis skills continue to help us flourish and grow. The tools she provides help our leadership team learn more about themselves and how to better interact with others. This has been a tremendous help in team-building and helping people meet their personal and professional goals.”
Ran Sarig
CEO & Founder, Datorama
“Tish came just at the right time. I needed to build a strong leadership team to scale the business, and finding the right talent and managing the business was quite the juggling act. Tish was able to provide guidance and process around building out the right team, integrating them into our culture, and allowing us to perform effectively and aligned in a very short period of time.”
Doug Chambers
CEO & Founder, Fieldlens
“Tish’s Executive Coaching has helped me better understand how I was being perceived, both professionally and personally. I am now aware that my pace and and energy level are not always a good match for other behavioral styles. With this heightened sense of self-awareness, I can now see and predict potential differences which allows me to adjust my approach and avoid conflicts before they happen.”
Tech Exec
Going Through Career Change
“Tish came to Questex following a company merger which caused a lot of change and re-alignment. Her strategy and development skills helped unify new teams and better understand behavior differences. She also worked with several of our sales teams on how to approach customers from an understanding of their buying behavior and styles, and how adapting their styles to better suit buyers’ needs can have a great impact on sales success.”
Kerry Gumas
President and CEO, Questex
Management Coaching

We prepare CEO’s, Founders and senior level decison makers to effectively evaluate talent, set the stage for growth, and directly address challenges. We don’t tell you what you want to hear, rather what’s occurring and how to fix it.

Understanding Motivations

What’s below the surface affects your teams, output and your bottom line. We get to the root, identifying factors hindering both individual and company success, so you can focus on growth.

Fueling Sales, Driving Reps

Amplify your sales training with growth strategists. From individual rep diagnostics to effective process and behavioral modification strategies, CANDOR helps you build a growth driven team that performs.

Preparation & Training Software

Software complete with an integrated behavioral assessment, a unique habit forming learning method, and robust analytics for ongoing management, error reduction, and employee development at scale.

CANDOR is the Secret Sauce Behind Many Company’s People Strategies.

CANDOR ConsultingWant candid and objective strategies for growth, development, and change? Call or email me today at at 610-613-4864 or Tish@Candor-Consulting.com. Smoke signals, carrier pigeons or tweeting @CandorCan work too.